. . . What is this fascination we have with the darkest darkness of the human mind? A darkness so dark no one has ever seen its depth, a darkness so dark it could create, pixellate and maintain THE WORLD WIDE WEB


Follow us as we explore the unfathonable-est depths of what could appear to some to be the giant digitized entrails of an even gianter sea creature, or even a land creature that was really big or still is. . . . Yes, follow us as we explore that greatest of labyrinths, that which could make Theseus marry the minotaur, the couple inscribing every difficult sigh in the annals of a lost mythology in which misery is the star and death is the precision that shapes and maintains us inside THE WORLD WIDE WEB


Yes ladies and Germs, the glitter and tinsel that decorate the human mind is our subject, as it moves and cavorts across our screens in a sweep of electrons at 75 pulses per second, or in the case of lcd screens refreshing each pixel individually to maintain a native or "optimal" resolution,shifting through a kaleidescope of ever- morphing forms and a constant rate of acceleration in which all news becomes distorted, presenting as it were a grotesque melange of twisted morsels one scrambles to eat before one's neighbor does, and makes of its human subjects a landscape in which all is product, including the minds that inhale that product. . . that is our subject here, that is our prize, as we turn the page to enter THE WORLD WIDE WEB



So tune in, turn off , drop out,
give up . . .


All hope abandon, Ye Who enter