In each beat the past and future time streams meet and are immolated, sending up food for the heirarchies of which the heart is composed. So the heart is a form of the given in the process of its becoming --A foundry that is itself predicated on the fulness of its chambered emptiness. Its morality figures Christ's joy inside the pain of being constricted by matter

Tthe heart is connected with history and more particularly with occult history.

The darkness in the heart is composed of all the colors—same as the white of the color wheel. The color suffers inside the darkness, not because it is obscured from the light of day but because it is the various aspects of the longing to expand and become known by conciousness. But it can’t be known conciously until thinking purifies itself into an awareness of the form of the desire inside its own becoming. In other words, The colors of the heart will suffer until the thinking understands its relationship to the heart as one of blacksmith to anvil.

Fear puts the heart to sleep – not the interior of the heart, but the surface reflection which becomes constricted and soporific—and is felt/known as a kind of shame. . . a shame that induces further sleep into the organism—


The cleft in the heart consumes desire and returns it to the blood as etherized desire which feeds the blood, each chamber of the heart is associated with a different ether.

The heart is a communal organ. It is composed of the heirarchies and it serves the entirety of humanity. Each beat is heard in the spiritual world as the absence of desire, and the spaces between beats draw desire into the heart from the blood to be consumed in the next beat. That "Drawing-in” is the sound that is heard in the spiritual worlds—the chord of the blood’s preperation to die to desire and be reborn in a new form of that desire in each beat.That chord survives in the etheric as a kind of afterimage, or series of afterimages, that feed the entire realm of the heirarchies, who, in turn, return what they recieve in pictures, which may be percieved by those who do what it takes to see them.

There is a winged angels head in the region of the heart ,-- an archangel— its function being to embody into form and disolve form at exactly the same time – this is connected to history in an occult sense, but also to the etherization of the blood—to the mystery of incarnate love

The heart is composed of the heirarchies in the following way: the musculature is an architecture which reflects the heirarchies in its chamberedness as well as in its overall form—nine aspects of the heart to nine aspects of the heirarchies—for example the spirits of form imbue the heart with its ultimate form, the spirits of personality live in each individual heart as both macrocosmic and microcosmic personality-- a holding open of the possibility for becoming a unique being in full conciousness as it were…. The heart is remembered in its form by the love of the Elohim, who fill it with love each time it is emptied as the chambers empty out into the stream of the blood. etc… the angels quiet the blood, the archangels enliven it, the archai kiss the blood to purify it as it moves through the heart. ..the heart is composed of space—and its astral and spiritual space is infinite—the heart is bounded inside its realtionship to space which is to say that the heart lives for the purpose of making space into a form of love—of creating a resonance inside space that is the resonance of a unique being's becoming in conciousness of love.

"The heart and the “I” are intimately related. the I is sensed through the heart, This is especially apparent when one is in love, or in other words, the “I “ sensing in the heart yields a feeling like being in love, yet its object is life itself—its object centers itself as percept and is known inside the heart itself. So the heart is an organ of grace. It is the ever-present cathedral of grace in the human body and blood and in its cathedral the Christ lives and breathes into the blood and draws the pain of existence into himself with every inhale.
The heart sees out of love and holds itself inside love as it is itself seen and held by the other, whether that other is a human being or one of the heirarchies that sustains the heart. The purity of the heart’s being is in its service, its ever-present humanity of service. It exists completely and totally as an organ of service to the body at every level that body exists