Zdravei, zapoviadai, grebni si, kolkoto iskash, s raka -- Maria Braikova after Beinsa Duouno


I will send you a wave from Rhodopa Mountain.

I will be as a bluebird that careens and sings.

You will know me as the light that finds its eyes alive

and the rise of its flight as it blooms in the air.


Rhodopa is wild. There is no need to climb it.

Be silent and grateful for the indigo of night,

and the mountain will come to you and speak its name

through each blue lament and each rose colored toy:


Hello, here you are, take as much as you want by heart




In the valley


the roses


sleep in the air


they will not begin to wake for 1600 years


They dream of the Bulgars, the Cathars, Brook Farm,


Black Mountain College. . .


of still unnamed utopias untouched by approaching wars





The sun is simple and the sun is kind

The sun costs nothing and creates no debt




I wish you a silence of gold and blue birds


white and fuchsia hills,


green pines against a lake of opal


May light, like honey, pour through your head


and stream into the valleyƕs basin


If you are tired, wake to know the rain


Let the day bring you apples, cheese and figs


white blooms, deep soil, shining rose petals


a friend for each smile and a smile for each friend.




If you try to hoard Love, it becomes heavier than the Earth, heavier even than the Solar system. If you are pleased with the smallest manifestations of Love, it becomes so light you can take it with you. 





Goodbye, dear darkness,


here is your dessert:


These pears


their silence


these dissolving words .




As I turned from the alleyway towards the Castalion spring


where Apollo killed the monster python  wikipedia castallion spring


I looked inside the portals of the sun


and saw the future written


in generations of children


And in the vapors was an image of Kaspar Hauser


floating out of the mists of Nuremberg


and through the rubies in his heart, poured the New Life to come