Epigrams & Definitions


Bedroom mirror: Finally there is a fool that returns my stare.


War is a contempt by the few (and their money) for the many.


Greed is insanity, as is logical postivism. There are correlations here.  

The fly was green with fat globed eyes.It drank what was left of my deodorant.

To be dead doesn't necessarily mean we will understand.

The night sky appears to have been sliced from anthracite.

Without science there would be less coherence of confusions.

Silence explains itself
by being itself

Violence: To beat and beat at the blood of the destitute.
An action performed by thugs and politicians


1.That which measures the lark's imperative,
seeing nothing
that cannot be seen.

2. That which hungers passionately,
making objects out of others
to saitsfy a whim or need.

3. That which imposes an impulse
on people that is anachronistic to the character
of their time.

Poem: what lives as it dies
and, dying, returns
to the silence that is itself

an object seen
in the light
that emanates
from it

General Psychology: The attempt to control another
through research, statistics
and their applications.